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How to Become Yelp Elite & How I Did it in 1 Week

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Want to be rewarded with free food and goodies for all the eating out and restaurant going you're already doing?

Well, you're in the right place...or rather, the right blog post.

I've been Yelp Elite in New York City starting from 2019 till now and how did it happen?

As if out of a storybook, one day I woke up and told myself "by the end of 1 week, I'll become Yelp Elite" and BAM! the power of archival food photos on my phone and my speedy typing fingers made it happen. Now here's how you do it too.

SYOY (See You on Yelp)!

Watch above for:

00:28 What is Yelp? What is the Yelp Elite Squad and its rules & perks?

1:09 Free Goodies & Experiences I've Gotten from Yelp Elite - eyebrow threading, headshots, mochi donuts & more!

2:04 How did I become Yelp Elite? (In 1 Week!)

3:32 Tip 1: Consistency

4:11 Tip 2: Yelp Elite varies by city in levels of competition AND the elite rewards provided 5:50 Tip 3: Yelp is MORE than just photos & reviews (think check-ins, friend requests, compliments and more)

And bao buddy-approved resources:


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